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Decorative Garden Stakes (DIY and Where to Buy)

At Gingham Gardens, we love the magic that comes from adding a bit of decorative charm and character to our flower gardens and outdoor spaces. And, adding decorative stakes to our gardens and outdoor spaces is an easy way to accomplish that!  

Many of our gardens are on slopes and we find decorative garden stakes the perfect way to add decorations to these flower beds.

In this post, we have lots of simple DIY garden stakes you can craft yourself. Or if DIY isn’t your thing, or you simply don’t have time, we have lots of creative garden stakes that you can purchase.

Chalkboard sign in a flower garden with writing - Decorative Garden Stakes (DIY & Some to Buy)

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Garden Stakes Made to Last

As with any of our DIY garden projects, we are going to be totally practical. There are some cute and crafty garden stake projects and tutorials all over the web but not all of them are practical. When you take the time and energy, not to mention the expense, you want your outdoor garden projects to stand up to the elements.

  • Outdoor DIY garden projects made with popsicle sticks will not last.
  • Mason jar lids with cute labels attached will not hold up when it rains or you water your garden.
  • I’ve even seen cute garden stake plant labels made with scrapbook paper and then laminated. The first good rain shower, moisture gets in and these are ruined.

I don’t want to be overly critical, but I think you can understand my point. When you see a cute garden DIY project, always think about the practical side of things. Read on and we’ll let you in on our secrets for getting our DIY garden stakes to last in the outdoor elements.

Turquoise colored garden stake in a flower garden.

Tip: Spray paint your garden stake when they start looking shabby. In the photo above, I’ve had that particular garden stake for a very long time. It started looking really awful and I decided to refresh it with spray paint.

Secrets for Getting Outdoor Garden Stakes to Last

Always take into account the outdoor elements when making or purchasing a decorative garden stake. When you want something to last outdoors these are very important factors to take into consideration.

Whether you are doing a DIY project or you’ve purchased garden stakes from Amazon or places like Hobby Lobby or the dollar store, always give them a coat or two of an acrylic sealer.

For outdoor metal stakes or signs, I spray them with a few coats of clear coat UV resistant spray paint letting them dry completely between coats. This makes the stake fade and rust-resistant and adds several years to its life span.

For wood garden stakes or signs, I like to give them a few coats of clear outdoor sealer over the entire stake. Be sure the product is for outdoor use. If the sign or stake is made of MDF board, give them an extra coat. MDF is not intended to last outdoors, but painting over it with sealer will help them last and you may get more than one season.

When assembling DIY outdoor projects, hot glue will not last. The first hot, sunny day and your cute little piece of homemade garden decor will disintegrate. Use E6000 instead.

Don’t use permanent markers on your outdoor projects. They will fade. Instead, use paint markers.

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Collage of images of decorative garden stakes in flower garden setting.

Easy DIY Garden Stakes

These charming DIY garden stakes can be used in potted plants or any place in your outdoor gardens where you want to add a bit of charm. Let’s get started with some easy DIYs. If DIY isn’t your thing, a little later in this post, we will share our favorite garden stakes that you can buy. 

A little bit of whimsy goes a long way to add charm to a flower garden, and these homemade stakes prove just that.

Metal Garden Stakes Made with Bottle Caps

I initially saw the idea for these adorable garden stakes here and I knew I wanted to make them. We don’t drink beer, so I purchased the bottle caps specifically for crafting. They came in bright colors and I added polka dots to some with a paint marker.

Decorative flower garden stakes made with bottle caps pictured in a flower garden.

To assemble the flowers, I cut a 3-4” circle out of stiff clear plastic from a package that I had. Next, I glued the bottle caps to the circle using a combination of hot glue and E6000. The hot glue helps your project set up fast while the E6000 takes longer to set up but will help your project stand up to outdoor elements. For the stake part, I used a piece of metal hanger and affixed it to the back of the flower with E6000. 

Finally, I sprayed the stakes with a few coats of sealer. They turned out so cute.

Sunflower Stakes Made from Tart Tins

This little project was super easy and would be a fun one to do with senior citizens or children. All that’s required is painting the tart tins bright yellow and the insides brown. It did take a couple of coats of each color. I use this acrylic paint for all my garden DIY’s. Next, I attached a long landscape staple to the back with E6000. Finish them off with a few coats of this sealer.

DIY sunflower garden stakes made with tart tins in a flower garden.

Using Antique Electric Insulators in the Garden

Here at Gingham Gardens, we’re all about using rustic or upcycled items in the gardens as garden decor. I’ve had these electric insulator caps that I picked up at a flea market several years ago knowing I would eventually come up with an idea to use them in my gardens. All we did here was cut some copper pipe we had on hand at different heights. Pounded that into the ground and then placed the electric insulators on top of the copper piping.

A flower garden with antique insulators on stakes as garden decor.

Beaded Garden Stakes

My grandson made these beaded glass garden stakes from a kit we purchased on Amazon. He had a lot of fun trying to figure out a pattern for them and then he finally ended up going random with no pattern at all. Truthfully, I think he was getting tired of crafting with Nana. They are a real standout in my shade garden beds.

Glass bead garden stakes in a shade garden.

DIY Wooden Garden Stakes

I love the personal touch that DIY projects bring to my garden, and making wooden garden stakes is one of the simplest and most rewarding ways to add a personal touch to your outdoor spaces.

It can be as simple as using scrap wood pieces and a wood-burning tool. I prefer to use cedar or redwood since they’re more durable and resistant to rot, which is perfect for outdoor use. These types of rustic garden stakes will look great marking the plants in your vegetable garden. If you aren’t using cedar or redwood, see the tips above on making your outdoor projects last.

Garden stake spelling out the word "flowers" in a basket of flowering plants.

Or, with a little paint and creativity, you can transform a piece of wood into the cutest garden stake.

Scrabble Tile Garden Stakes

Okay, I’m breaking my own rules here with this one, but this is so darn cute that I didn’t care if it only lasted one season and they were easy to make, so I can make more.

Decorative garden stake with scrabble tiles spelling out herb garden.

Use paint sticks or scrap wood for the stake part and the piece that the scrabble tiles affix to. Next, paint them with acrylic paint. Assemble your stake by spelling out the garden phrase or words with the scrabble tiles and glue them onto your wood piece using wood glue, E6000 or a combination of both.

Finish them off with sealer intended for outdoor use. I added the gingham fabric bow too. So cute! 

Faux Birdhouse Garden Stakes Made from Tree Limbs

These garden stakes take a little more work because power tools are involved, but they are still easy and worth the extra time.

Hubs made these for me and I get tons of compliments on them. I will give specifics for those that want them, but really this is an easy project and can be done with a hand saw, a drill and a little creativity.

3 decorative faux birdhouse garden stakes made from tree branches displayed in a planter.

Decide how tall you want the body of your faux bird house and cut the tree limb to that size. For the holes on the front of the bird house, he used a 1/2″ forstner drill bit

You can add an angle or angles to the top for a roof or just leave it flat. Using scrap pieces of wood, he fashioned the roof pieces and nailed/glued those on. If you have the skills and the tools, you can miter the roof pieces. He has made several of these and has made them in different ways just to add character.

A ½ “ – ¾” dowel rod was used for the stake piece. Use the same size drill bit as your dowel rod and drill a hole about an inch deep in the bottom of the birdhouse. Use wood glue to hold the dowel rod in the hole. 

Crafting homemade garden stakes is a fun creative outlet and a great way to ensure that your garden is uniquely yours. 

Decorative solar garden stake made with small colorful bottles in the shape of a butterfly.

Where to Buy Decorative Garden Stakes

If you’re looking to buy decorative garden stakes, there are lots of different options to consider.

One option is to visit your local garden center, or craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. Many of these stores carry a selection of decorative garden stakes, ranging from simple designs to more intricate and ornate ones. You can browse the selection in person and get a better idea of how each stake will look in your garden.

Another option is to shop online. Some popular options include Amazon and Etsy. Shopping online allows you to easily compare prices and styles from different sellers, and you can often find unique and one-of-a-kind designs.

If you’re looking for a specific or custom handmade garden stake, you may want to consider shopping from Etsy, or another online handmade resource. Etsy has tons of garden decor and decorative garden stakes. I have purchased many hand-painted, wood garden signs and garden stakes from this Etsy shop.

Check out these adorable garden stakes from Amazon:

No matter where you decide to buy your decorative garden stakes, be sure to read reviews and check the return policy before making a purchase. This will help ensure that you’re getting a quality product that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Windspinner stake in a flower garden.

Garden Stakes That Serve a Dual Purpose

Solar Garden Stakes

Solar lighting is one of my favorite features that I’ve incorporated into my gardens. They are a win win because not only do they add functionality in the evenings by gently lighting the gardens; by day, they’re inconspicuous little decorative elements.

Solar lights come in all shapes, and I enjoy picking out designs that reflect the playful character of my outdoor space. Check out Solar Landscape Lights for Your Garden and Ideas for Nighttime Gardens for some more ideas for using solar lights in your gardens and outdoor spaces. 

Rain Gauge Garden Stakes

Rain gauges also serve a dual purpose in the garden. Not only are they cute decorative pieces for both your flower gardens and your vegetable beds, they measure rain fall and how much water your garden gets.  Check out these adorable rain gauges on Amazon.

Pretty Birdbath Stakes

I enjoy having a birdbath in my garden, both to support the birds in my garden and for the entertainment aspect of watching birds play in a birdbath. Cleaning a birdbath isn’t something I enjoy doing though. I found the birdbath garden stake pictured below on Amazon and not only is pretty, it’s very sturdy, the birds enjoy it and it’s much easier to clean than a large one.

Decorative birdbath in a flower garden.

Using Shepherd’s Hooks at Garden Decor

We normally think of shepherd’s hooks being used to hang planters on, but they can also be used as part of garden decor. See how we use shepherd’s hooks in our gardens.

Collage of shepherd's hook stakes being used for various things in a garden.

These are our favorite heavy duty, adjustable height shepherd’s hooks.

More DIY Gardening Goodness

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I hope you’re coming away with lots of creative ideas for adding delightful little touches of whimsy with decorative garden stakes to your flower beds and gardens. It truly makes a garden feel like it’s yours. What do you think? Do you have a favorite garden stake that you have made for your garden? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

Happy Gardening and DIYing, 

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