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Welcome to Gingham Gardens – Gardening Resources Library where we offer all our Free Printables, including: gardening charts, planner pages, graphs and lists, etc. I use these very same garden planner printables to keep me organized and on track to accomplish gardening tasks around my own gardens.

Mine are all organized in a 3-ring binder I call my Garden Planner & Journal. I’ll be adding more awesome gardening printables on a regular basis and the best part is they will always be free to subscribers of Gingham Gardens. You can download the PDF file of all of the free garden printables, or just the ones you want.

Gardening Printables

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Keeping a garden journal is the best way to insure gardening successes year after year. It’s a great way to remember what happened in your garden last year and previous years. If you’d like to learn more about the how’s and why’s of keeping a garden journal, please check out the post DIY Garden Journal.

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New, free gardening printables are added on a regular basis, but the list below will give you an idea of what’s included in the library:

2024 Gardening Calendar – includes a checklist of gardening tasks for each month, along with extra room for your own notes. It’s a great way to keep track of things to get done in the garden and it’s really pretty too. My recommendation is to 3-hole punch the calendar and keep it in your Garden Journal or Planner. Enjoy!

Amaryllis Bloom Chart + Instructions – This is a handy chart to determine when to plant your Amaryllis bulb for the approximate bloom date that you want it to bloom, plus a list of instructions for growing Amaryllis bulbs indoors. This printable is specifically designed to go with the post, How to Grow Amaryllis Indoors.

Gingham Gardens – How to Overwinter Geraniums – This is a checklist to help you remember the steps in How to Keep Geraniums Over Winter. Print this list off and keep it in your Garden Journal, or simply keep it in the bag with your overwintered geraniums.

Gingham Gardens – Flower Garden Design Plan – is a handy printable to help you layout and design a flower garden. It is specifically designed to go with the post, Flower Garden Design Tips.

Designing with Perennials for Continuous Color – A list of 50+ perennials with bloom time, sun requirements and hardiness zones. See Flower Garden Design Tips.

Gingham-Gardens-Rabbit-Deer-Resistant-Plants – a list of 30+ perennials divided by shade and sun that rabbits and deer don’t care for. For lots of tips and tricks for dealing with wildlife as well as bad bugs, see the post – Dealing With Pests in Your Garden.

3 Season Cutting Garden – a list of over 50 different beautiful flowers that are perfect for cutting gardens. They are sorted by bloom time, so you can Grow A Cutting Garden. For all the details, be sure to check out the post – How to Grow a Cutting Garden.

Flowers Pollinators Love – a list of over 50 flowers butterflies, bees and hummingbirds love sorted by their blooming season. Be sure to read How to Attract Pollinators to Your Garden.

Spring Garden Clean Up Checklist – This Checklist includes a practical list of Spring Garden Chores, as well as a few tips for Plant Shopping. See Spring Garden Clean Up for all the details.

Winter Sowing Checklist – If you need some help remember the steps in Winter Sowing, use this Checklist. There’s also a Winter Sowing Chart further down on this page to help you keep track of your Winter Sowing successes and failures.

Winter Sowing Chart – Check out my post on Winter Sowing. It’s by far the easiest and cheapest way to propagate new plants for your garden. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked. Keep track of the seeds you winter sow and the results with this handy chart. Next year, you’ll be able to refer back to it and see what worked and what didn’t.

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Image of Garden Journal with text overlay Create your own garden planner and journal with free gardening printables
Inspirational Printable Pictures – A set of some of my favorite gardening pictures with inspirational quote and verse overlays. They’re gorgeous!

Garden Plans – I use this chart to make notes on plants I want to move. I rearrange plants, like some people rearrange furniture. Be sure to read Flower Garden Design Tips and Tips for Transplanting Perennials before you start rearranging your garden.

Seed Starting Chart – Read my post on Seed Starting Indoors. Very informative with step-by-step instructions. Keep track of the seeds you start indoors with this handy chart.

Garden Plans – Simple graph paper to sketch out your garden layout, whether your garden beds are for flowers, vegetables or both. Get those dreams out of your head and get your garden plans on paper.

Easy to Grow Perennial List – This is a list of 13 Sun/Part Sun Perennials that are easy to grow. I based my selections on the length of time these perennials bloom and how the plant looks when the flowers are done blooming. This list includes thumbnail pictures. Use it when you’re planning out a new garden, or need some ideas for new, long blooming perennials. Print it off and take it shopping with you. Have you read Flower Gardening 101?

Plant Inventory – Do you have collections of plants, like hosta or daylilies? I love being able to keep track of which varieties I have so I don’t purchase the same ones twice. And, I’m a garden nerd, so I just love to be able to look in my garden journal and see which types of plants I have. I created this simple chart that includes a spot for the plant name, date added to the garden, where it was purchased and location in your gardens.

Seed Inventory List – Do you find that you tend to purchase the same seeds multiple times? I sure do. In order to avoid doing this, I created this seed inventory tracker. I completed mine and made a copy for my gardening journal, one for my seed box and I keep one in my purse so when I’m out shopping and buy seeds, or placing seed orders, I can refer to my handy seed inventory tracker to make sure I don’t buy the same seeds over and over again.

Garden Doodles – Simple lined paper to make notes, keep gardening journal entries, make a to-do list, make shopping lists, etc. etc.

Daisies & Mason Jar Tags – This is a full page of some really stinkin’ cute tags. Print them on cardstock and they can be cut apart along the dotted line. Pretty them up by punching a small hole in the top and tying some string or jute through the hole. They can be used on gifts, they can be used as bookmarks, they can be hung or tied around the neck of a bottle or mason jar, etc. etc. They can also be printed on sticker paper and used as stickers. The possibilities are endless.

Seed Packet – Cute and functional seed packets! 2 seed packets print on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Instructions will print at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Fall Garden Clean Up Checklist – Stay on task to get those Fall Gardening tasks completed and checked off. See Quick & Easy Steps for Fall Garden Cleanup to get all the tips.

Garden Junk & Decor – Here’s a list of List of Garden Junk & Décor Items to look for at Thrift Stores, Estate Sales, Garage Sales & Flea Markets to add whimsy to your gardens. Make sure to check out: Garden Decor and Garden Art and Garden Vignettes Using Flea Market Finds.

Flower Gardening 101 Checklist – This checklist is the perfect companion to the post Flower Gardening 101. It will help keep you organized to plan and plant your new Flower Garden.

Vegetable Garden Chart – A great way to keep track of the veggies you plant every year- the germination rates, your planting schedule, what you liked, what you didn’t like. Keep it in your garden journal, so you can refer back to it next year.

Easy to Grow Vegetables – List of Easy to Grow Vegetables and Fruit with notes and tips. This list pairs perfectly with the post Vegetable Gardening 101.

Early Start Chart – I love to get an early start on summer flowering bulbs like caladium, tuberous begonias, lilies, dahlias and any other bulb I can think of. I also get an early start on Geraniums (Pelargoniums) that I have over-wintered. Refer to instructions on How to Jump Start Summer Blooming Bulbs.

Garden Project List – Need to accomplish some garden projects? Stay on track with this handy Garden Project List. Keep it in your garden journal to refer back to it in the future.

There’s no better time to get started with your garden binder than today. The amount of time it will take you to put together your own free printable garden planner will be totally worth it in future years when you can refer back to it. Here’s to a successful gardening season!

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