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Gift Guide For Gardeners

Today I’m sharing my Gift Guide for Gardeners put together by a Gardener who really uses these gardening products and loves them. I’m not a big company or even a big gardening blog (yet), I’m just me, a 50+ year old gardener who does all her own gardening. There’s no garden staff, or a landscaping crew, or a designer, it’s just me and my hubs. So, I’m just going to keep it simple and share with you my favorite gardening tools, some other awesome gardening gifts that most DIY gardeners would love and even show you a few gardening items that are on my wish list.

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I’ve shared my favorite shovel before and lots of my readers have purchased one for themselves or as a gift. It’s a lightweight, very strong and sharp shovel, and I love it. Oh and this shovel does come in other, non-girly colors. I was lucky enough to receive mine as a birthday gift. Yep, my family knows the way to my heart.

The Best Garden Shovel - Gift Guide for Gardeners

Even though I’d like to go without them, good gardening gloves are a must for gardeners. Here are a few of my favorites. These Nearly Naked Gloves are wonderful for lightweight gardening chores like weeding and planting. When I wear these I can retain dexterity and my hands don’t get all sweaty.

Wonder Grip Gloves

Another of my favorite gardening gloves are awesome for heavy duty jobs in the garden and any gardener would love them. You know the phrase, “fit like a glove”, these are those gloves. I have two pairs of these because I’m always loosing my gardening gloves, and well, these are my favorites.

So what’s a gardener to do in the winter when they can’t dig in the dirt, I say read and plan. Here are some awesome gardening books. Some of these I have and love and some are on my wish list.

What gardener wouldn’t love a watering can like this metal one. I have a collection of watering cans of different shapes and sizes and I’ll be adding this one to my wish list.

I’ve used these fancy metal plant labels for several years and received more for my birthday last spring. These fancy plant labels are reserved for my daylily collection. They last longer than any other plant markers I’ve ever used.

And, one of my favorite gardening gifts ever is this cute hat. Not only is it cute, but it’s a very functional gardening hat. It keeps my hair contained, keeps my head from getting sunburned and keeps my face shaded.

Cute Gardening Hat - Gift Guide for Gardeners

Gardeners always like cute decor items for their gardens too. This sweet Sophie statute has found a place in my garden for several years now and she’s one of my favorite garden decor pieces.

Sophie Garden Statute - Gift Guide for Gardeners

I’ve also had this little rabbit statute for several years and I get so many comments about how real he looks. Even though I think he does look a little domesticated.

Bunny Statute - Gift Guide for Gardeners

Another favorite gardening gift I’ve received are these super cute solar lights that fit on the top of a mason jar. These are so cute in my gardens, both in the daytime and at night all lit up. They are the brightest solar lights I have and I’m adding them to my wish list again this year, so I can add more to my gardens.


Here are some items that are on my wish list:

And last but not least, any gardener would love to receive an Amaryllis for a gift. If you missed the post on tips for growing and caring for Amaryllis, be sure to check it out.

What gardening items are on your wish list this year? I always appreciate your visit and your comments.


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