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Rustic Garden Decor Ideas (and Where to Buy Them)


Here at Gingham Gardens, we love rustic garden decor ideas, mostly upcycled, recycled, vintage, junk garden decor. Unless you have time to the to go to the flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, etc., it’s pretty difficult to find items to create that look. So, the next best thing is to purchase new rustic garden decor. Many of us love the farmhouse decorating style on the insides of our homes, so how about adding in the farmhouse look to our gardens too.

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Rustic Birdhouses for Your Garden

Nothing says rustic garden decor like cute bird houses. Although it would be a fun DIY project, if you’re like me, you have way too much going on. There are many country looking birdhouses you can purchase and have delivered right to your door.

If you love handmade, check out Etsy for Rustic Bird Houses. Oh wow, so many cute ones, but this one is my favorite.  

The rustic metal birdhouse stake below would simply be adorable in any garden, including yours. Two of my big gardens are on slopes and I’m always looking for cute garden stakes for those gardens.

Here’s a faux birdhouse garden stake that is awesome. I love the craftsmanship and creativity. You can find more stake type birdhouses in this Etsy search.

Check out all the Rustic Bird House Stakes on Amazon.

Rustic Garden Signs

Check out these super cute garden signs on Etsy. I have a fall garden sign from this seller and I just ordered this garden sign from another seller.  It will look awesome on my aged cedar fence.

Rustic Garden Decor

More Rustic Garden Decor

I really wanted an old wagon wheel to add to my garden decor, but I didn’t want to shell out the price the vendors were asking at the flea markets we attended, so I bought a fake one. It looks super cute tucked into my garden vignettes.

There’s nothing really rustic about this little fountain, it’s a faux look and made out of plastic. But, placed in a grouping with flower pots, it would look rustic and adorable. Plus, the sound of running water in a garden setting adds to the charm, ambience and serenity of the space. It would be perfect for a deck or patio.

Always add lighting to your garden spaces, solar lights take charm to a whole new level. I love rustic solar lights so much that I have an entire page dedicated to them. These mason jar lights are my absolute favorites. There’s one in the first photo above. They look so cute swinging from shepherd’s hooks either to line a garden path or added to a decor grouping in your garden. I have had this set for 3-4 years and they still light up. To keep the cost down, they don’t come with jars, but you can use them with any 16 oz size mason jar.


Farmhouse Garden Planters

Old galvanized buckets make the best rustic planters, either for vegetables, flowers or herbs. Be sure to drill holes in the bottom for good drainage. If you can’t find old ones, or you don’t want to pay the price for vintage containers, here are some great alternatives. The Behrens brand galvanized pails are great and come in lots of various sizes. The shiny new look will wear off in a season or two and they will start to look just like an old galvanized bucket that you would purchase at a flea market.

Here’s a little galvanized bucket used as a planter and hanging from a short shepherd’s hook.

Rustic Garden Decor - galvanized bucket planter

Whiskey barrels also make the perfect rustic planter. Real half whiskey barrels are often available at big box stores like Lowes or Home Depot. Here is a faux whiskey barrel (that would likely last longer than the real thing) and it comes in lots of different sizes.

This little planter and attached birdhouse is so charming. Be sure to check the dimensions. It might be smaller than you’d expect.


Rustic Watering Cans as Garden Decor

I have this thing for watering cans. Not only can they be used for watering, but they can be used as planters and just in general in garden vignettes. Watering cans look adorable hanging from a shepherd’s hook.


This watering can would make a sweet planter.

Rustic Garden Decor - Watering Can Planter

I love the look of a watering can hanging from a shepherd’s hook and this sweet watering can solar light stake is too cute!


Country Garden Decor

For those of us that can’t have chickens, we have to settle for faux. This metal set of mama chicken and her chicks looks so cute in my gardens.

How about this rooster. He’s so colorful and handsome.

Nothing says farmhouse garden decor like this galvanized windmill yard stake. And, if you’ve been around Gingham Gardens much, I’ll bet you’ve seen this red windmill in my garden pictures.


More Country Garden Decor Ideas

Here at Gingham Gardens, we’re all about using vintage junk (or faux vintage items) to add character to our gardens. Check out these posts for more rustic garden decor ideas:

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these Rustic Garden Decor Ideas and are leaving today with some ideas to add some country or farmhouse charm to your gardens.

Happy gardening,

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