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The Best Pop-up Style Greenhouse

Have you ever dreamed of having a greenhouse right in your own backyard? Many gardeners do and I certainly did for many years, but simply could not justify the expense. Have you seen those adorable greenhouses on Pinterest made out of old windows? For awhile I thought I really wanted one. I even have a pile of old windows I’ve been saving so my hubs could build one. Then I started looking into and researching greenhouses, and I decided for my situation and the climate where I live I would not utilize a greenhouse enough to justify the cost. It would sit filled with junk for about 7 months and then rodents would move in… and so, I talked myself out of a permanent greenhouse structure.

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About 7 years ago, I started looking into purchasing a portable, pop-up greenhouse and after doing some research, reading lots of reviews and doing some comparisons, I chose this Flower House Greenhouse. This particular model is a walk-through style with zipper doors on both ends. The doors have a zippered screen, as well as a heavy plastic zippered door.

Pop-up Greenhouse

In case this particular model isn’t available, here are some other portable greenhouses that get great reviews.

I use my pop-up greenhouse in the spring for about 6 weeks to get a jump start on my summer gardening. We sit the greenhouse up on our deck so it’s right outside our kitchen with very easy access. 

Why Have a Portable Greenhouse 

If you are an avid gardener and would love to get a jump start on your gardening season, or extend your gardening season, a portable, pop-up style greenhouse is perfect for you.

Or, if you’d love to have the greenhouse, but don’t want the hassle or expense of having a permanent structure, then this portable, walk in greenhouse is just what you need.

The floor on the model I have is open, so it can be placed right over a raised garden bed.

The humidity levels in a greenhouse are high and create the perfect growing environment.

What To Do With a Pop-up Greenhouse

I do lots of indoor seed starting in our basement and I use my portable greenhouse to help harden off my little seedlings. That way I don’t have to lug all those seedling trays back indoors during the hardening off process.

If you don’t have room indoors, or don’t want the mess, greenhouses are wonderful for starting seeds. And, although I start seeds indoors, I usually end up starting more seeds in my greenhouse. My pop-up greenhouse is like my gardening geek playhouse.

Because we’re in Zone 4, I like to get a jump start on summer blooming bulbs, like lilies, gladiolus and dahlias, so I can enjoy them longer in the summer. After the initial cost of purchasing a pop-up greenhouse, I’ve saved money by starting my own plants.

Portable Greenhouse with Plants

A Few Other Tips for Gardening in a Greenhouse

This portable greenhouse must be anchored and it comes with the ropes and stakes to do so. No matter how big or how small, you must anchor your portable greenhouse. Really, go overboard with anchoring. I learned this the hard way and lost many baby plants. You definitely don’t want that to happen.

Since I don’t use or leave my greenhouse up year round, I’m not really sure how long it would last if left up year round. If “portable” or “pop-up” are used in the description, they likely are not for year round use and I would not recommend it for that purpose.

My greenhouse lasted for 7 seasons and I think it would have lasted longer if I would have lubricated the zipper with graphite or soap to keep it zipping smoothly.

If overnight temperatures drop into the 40s, we use a portable heater with temperature control and safety shut-off, so that the plants don’t freeze. Of course, use caution when using a heater that is not intended for this purpose.

Caring for Plants in a Pop-up Greenhouse

I check my plants everyday and water if necessary. 

Every morning, I open up the top of both doors and leave the screen shut, so there’s plenty of ventilation. Ventilation is necessary to prevent fungal diseases. Plus, the inside of the greenhouse can heat up rather quickly from the sun. This greenhouse does come with a shade cover that will also help to protect plants from the sun.
Soil gnats can sometimes be a problem in a greenhouse. I’ve only had them once and I used these sticky gnat traps and they worked great for eliminating the problem.
You don’t really need anything fancy as far as shelving goes. I use plastic shelves like these, because any water that spills on them simply flows through the shelf and doesn’t puddle.
Greenhouse with plants
After 7 years, mine is being to show wear especially in the zippers, so I’m debating whether or not to upgrade to the larger model Flower House Greenhouse.
If you are considering purchasing a pop-up style greenhouse and have any questions, please leave a comment or send an email to: joanna@ginghamgardens.com. You can also find lots of information and product reviews of the Flower House Greenhouse on Amazon.

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