Fun Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

Birds are amazing creatures and it’s easy to see why some fall under their spell and become bird watchers. Do you have a loved one that enjoys watching birds, whether in their own backyards or on bird watching excursions? I’ve put together a fun list of top-rated gift ideas for Bird Lovers and Bird Watchers.

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Fun Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

This flashcard deck is designed for beginner backyard bird watchers and includes over 100 birds of Eastern and Western North America.

The Ultimate Game for Any Bird Lover and a fun game for the bird watching family.



Super fun hat comes in two different colors.

This mug is super cute!

Help your favorite bird watcher get a birds-eye view with this Monocular Telescope. The reviewers say its better than binoculars.

Bird Feeders Make Great Gifts for Backyard Bird Watchers

Suet feeders are especially important in winter and they attract many different species of birds.

Don’t forget the suet packets.

The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Squirrels are naturally attracted to birdfeeders, so it’s important to look for squirrel-proof birdfeeder if you have a squirrel problem.

Here are more options for squirrel-proof birdfeeders. Be sure to read the comments and look for 4 – 5 start reviews.

Gifts for Hummingbird Lovers

There are many flowers that will attract hummingbird to your yard, but second best and a great gift for backyard bird watchers that don’t have flowers are these hummingbird feeders.

Hummingbird feeder

Naturally clear Hummingbird nectar formula with electrolytes and no added coloring. Be careful what you feed those sweet hummers.

Encourage hummingbirds to your yard with these specially-designed nesters.

Bird Houses Make Great Gifts for Your Favorite Bird Lover

This top-rated, handmade bird house is made of western red cedar with no preservatives or finishes.

My favorite birdhouses are rustic ones that serve a dual purpose – one they make perfect rustic yard art and they create a comfy home for backyard birds. 

In colder climates, it’s important to have an unfrozen source of water for backyard birds. This Heated Bird Bath fits the bill perfectly.


I hope you’ve found my Bird Lovers Gift Guide ideas helpful. Thanks for stopping by Gingham Gardens. I appreciate your visit!


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