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Creative Gifts for Gardeners


In many cases Gardeners are a little difficult to buy for. Do you have loved ones on your gift giving list that are gardeners? Most of us have lots of tools and gloves, although I’m never opposed to receiving more. The gift ideas for Gardeners that I’m sharing are not your run-of-the-mill garden tools, they are unique and creative gifts for gardeners, and some are even handcrafted.

So, if you’re looking for gifts for gardeners who have it all, or to whom you want to give a well thought out, unique gift, this is the list for you. If you’re shopping for a newbie gardener, I’ll leave a link at the end of the post with a list of the best gardening tools. The cool thing, many of these gifts are priced under $20. Oh, and it’s totally fine if your favorite gardener is you, if you catch my drift. I won’t tell.

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Personalized Gifts for Gardeners

Personalized gifts are the best. It means you actually put some thought into the gift and went to the effort of ordering it early enough for personalization.

Etsy has some of the most unique, personalized gifts for gardeners. With these metal garden signs, you have a choice of various materials – like rust or galvanized.

Personalized Garden Sign from Etsy

Anything that’s says “Nana” pulls at my heartstrings, like this cute garden stone. There are lots of garden stones with grandparent sentiments at Etsy. What a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Handmade Gift Boxes or Baskets for Gardeners

Put together a basket of items that a gardener would love. Here are some items you can include:

Here are some fun gift boxes for gardeners from Etsy:

I think pretty much any gardener would love this gift set. 

Here’s a super fun gift – Succulents & Cactus Seed Starter Kit for a gardener when they can’t get outdoors.

Plant Markers Make Awesome Gifts for Gardeners

I’ve always wanted to make something like these custom Herb Garden Markers. I’ll never get around to making them, so I’m adding them to my Wish List.

Most flower gardeners love fancy plant tags to keep track of their favorite perennials. Don’t forget the chalk marker or paint marker to go with the tags.

Jewelry for Gardeners

What about jewelry for gardeners. These are so cute!

Love the bracelet too.

Creative Gifts for Gardeners – Clothing

T-shirts are always a fun gift for gardeners. 

Here’s one for your favorite male gardener.

Click on this link to see lots more t-shirts for gardeners.

I get so many comments and compliments on this cute “Garden Hair Don’t Care” hat.

Puzzles for Gardeners

Puzzles are perfect for rainy days, or for days when a gardener can’t be in their garden. 

Add personality to a garden with this hilarious tree face.

Garden Signs are creative gifts for gardeners and handmade ones are even better. We love gardens signs so much that we have an entire post dedicated to them. Check it out when you’ve finished up here.


Solar Lights

Solar lights make great gifts for gardeners. These mason jar solar lights add so much character and charm to my gardens. I’ve had these for 2 years and they still light up.

More Rustic Solar Lights

These lantern style solar lights add so much whimsy and ambience to the garden. They can be hung on tree branches, on shepherd’s hooks or used on a table top. Check out The Best Rustic Solar Lights for more solar lighting ideas.

Whimsical Gifts for Gardeners

This sweet little Sophie statute has had a place in my gardens for several years now. Her skirt can be filled with water or bird seed too.


I love this adorable Frog Solar Light and it’s on my wish list this year. There’s a super cute, matching Snail Solar Light too.

Most gardeners don’t like seeing real rabbits in our gardens, but we all love a bunny statute and these little guys are so cute together!

The standing bunny.


And, the sitting bunny. The standing bunny and the sitting bunny are available as a pair also.


Practical Gifts for Gardeners

This is a goofy looking stool, but I love mine. I wouldn’t get it for someone that has balance issues and it does require some leg strength, but it’s perfect for a gardener that can’t kneel anymore.

This kneeling pad looks amazing. I’m pretty sure it’s going on my wish list.


Here is a list of Essential Gardening Tools, if you’d rather buy tools for your gardener. The tools that made the cut in this post are just a few of my personal favorites and are highly rated by other gardeners who have purchased them.

Many gardeners are also bird lovers. Check out these gift ideas for backyard bird watchers

More places to find gifts for your gardener:

Gift Ideas for Sunflower Lovers

Rustic Garden Decor Ideas

I hope you’ve found my Creative Gifts for Gardeners ideas helpful. What gardening items are on your wish list this year? Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate your visit and your comments!


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