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Readers’ Garden Tour

You all are in for a treat today! It’s the day I share Gingham Gardens Readers’ Garden Tour. I’ve been asking for a few months now for readers of Gingham Gardens to send in pictures of their gardens and today is the day I get to share them. I’m just going to tell you right now that I’m going to say “I love” a bunch, just because, well, I love this!

Tiffany sent the following pictures in. Tiffany lives in my neck of the woods here in Minnesota. I feel like I’ve gotten to know Tiffany a bit through the comments she leaves on my posts. She’s given me some great tips for plant sales in our area. Some day I hope to meet her in person.

This is an interesting garden in that Tiffany says she gets sun on one side and shade on the other. I love the little lighthouse she made out of clay pots.

Shade Garden - Readers' Garden Tour

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I want some of these dahlias. Be sure to overwinter your tender bulbs.

Dahlias - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

Here’s a new border garden in Tiffany’s backyard around her deck.

Border Flower Garden - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

Tequila sent in these pictures of flowers in her gardens. I’m not sure where Tequila lives, but I’m thinking it’s a warmer climate than Minnesota. This is her favorite gladiola. It’s definitely a beauty.

Gladiola - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

This white hibiscus is gorgeous. Hibiscus are iffy in Minnesota, but I’m going to give them another try because I just bought six starter plants from my favorite seller at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market.

White Hibiscus - Gingham Gardens Reader's Garden Tour

My gardening friend, Joe, sent in these pictures. He lives and gardens in Maryland. Prepare yourself because Joe’s gardens are stunning.

Flower Garden - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

This next garden Joe planted in memory of his wife the year after she passed away. So very sad, but what a beautiful memorial to her. He said her favorite flower was Shasta Daisies, so he was sure to include those.

Flower Garden - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

And here is another one of Joe’s gardens – a formal garden.

Formal Garden - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

Lisa from Colorado moved into a new home and didn’t like what the builder did with the landscaping, so she redid it. A girl after my own heart. I love a good garden makeover. Here’s the before.

Before Landscape Makeover - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

And, the after:

Flower Garden - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

Pretty amazing transformation! I love all the creative touches Lisa added.

Flower Garden - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

Melissa, from Illinois, and her husband purchased a Victorian mansion that was built in 1872 and they’ve been so busy renovating the house that she hasn’t done much in her gardens yet. She planted most of her plants and flowers in containers so she could move them out of harm’s way when work was being done on the outside of the house. I think that a fantastic idea, and her plants look pretty fantastic too. After seeing this picture of Melissa’s tiger lily, I think I need some of these for my gardens.

Tiger Lily - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

I love this quaint little grouping.

Container Gardens - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

The combination of plants in this container garden is gorgeous!

Container Gardens - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

Next up are Mary Beth’s gardens. I’ve known Mary Beth for several years now, but have never seen her gardens, so getting these pictures was a real treat. They are pretty much as I expected – Amazing! I really have to work on a big patch of Astilbe like this.

Shade Garden - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

And who doesn’t love lilies.

Lilies - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

But, my favorite picture of Mary Beth’s gardens is this next one of her Spring Garden.

Spring Garden - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

Now, let’s travel all the way down to Southern Florida – Zone 10. Joyce sent these pictures in of her tropical paradise and they make me want a vacation.

Tropical Garden - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

Here’s a close up of her orchids.

Orchids - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

Deborah and I go back a long time, but we don’t get to see each other much any more. Before we moved to our new home 2 years ago, I used to have plant sales every year. Deborah and her husband were always loyal customers, and she says a lot of her plants were from my former gardens. I’m so happy she sent in pictures of her garden. Here is one of my favorite perennials – Balloon Flower.

Balloon Flowers - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

If you all have followed me here at Gingham Gardens, you know I’m a sucker for Daylilies. This one in Deborah’s garden is so very lovely.

Daylily - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

And what a pretty Peony.

Peony - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

One of my BFF’s, Julie, sent me just one picture of her shade garden. It’s so beautiful, but it left me wanting more. Julie says I got her started in gardening, but I think she’s always had amazing gardens for as long as I’ve known her. And, no this isn’t a park, it’s really Julie’s yard.

Shade Garden - Gingham Gardens Readers' Garden Tour

I enjoyed this Readers’ Garden Tour so much and I hope you did too. We’ll definitely do it again. And, thanks so much to all of you that participated and sent me your garden pictures. In case you haven’t seen my latest garden tour, End of Summer Butterflies and Blooms, take a few minutes to check it out.

Over the next few weeks, I will share how to transition your gardens into fall, so stay tuned. I still have a few projects on my list that I would like to accomplish yet this season. Do you have some fall gardening projects you want to get done before the cold sets in? I think this will help you get organized and on track.

Thanks so much for stopping by Gingham Gardens! Feel free to hang around the gardens for awhile. Did you see Easy DIY Garden Decor Using Tree Branches? It’s a very fun and creative way to use tree branches. If you love vintage garden decor, also check out Upcycled Vintage Garden Decor. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

Happy gardening,

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  1. Joanna, All of the photos & gardens are terrific & I appreciate you chose a few of ours to include with these. I like to see personal gardens as opposed the large big budget public gardens because ,although beautiful, they can be intimidating.The smaller personal gardens are loaded with ideas ,originality, & seem doable. Thank you & good luck, Joe
    P.S. There will be a terrific coleus in containers garden featured on GPOD Tues,

    1. Hi Joe, I agree. I love seeing the work and gardens of ordinary people like us. Thanks for stopping by and the heads up on GPOD.

  2. Thanks for your kind word and including pics of my gardens. You have taught me a lot over the years. Maybe next summer we should try to organize a few Garden Gatherings so all us old timers can stay in touch. We put so much of ourselves into our gardens that is important to enjoy and share them.

  3. Thank you for showing pics of my garden! The other gardens you featured are beautiful! Looking forward to your posts for fall. I already bought some mums (I know its early), but I told the kids to look for mums that were all closed up…thanks for that tip! Mums are one of my favorite flowers.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tiffany. I picked up some mums last week at Home Depot. They were $1.25 for the quart size and I just couldn’t pass them up.

  4. Good Morning from Colorado.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of reader’s gardens this morning while sipping my coffee.


  5. Joanna; Thank you for posting photos of my garden. The areas have grown in so much now it looks even more tropical. I enjoyed the photos of the other gardens you shared. I feel honored to be among those very accomplished gardeners. Joyce

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