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Another Garden Makeover at Gingham Gardens

I think it’s time I shared another garden makeover at Gingham Gardens. When we moved into our current home at the end of summer 2016, the list of garden projects was endless, and it still is, but lots of the projects have been checked off. So far, we’ve managed about 4 o4 5 garden makeover projects – some big and some small. I will share links to those garden makeovers at the end of this post.

In reality, I started this project the day we moved in. There were movers and boxes all over the inside of the house and I just couldn’t deal. Plus, it was a lovely day and I really needed to stay out of the way.  Good excuses, right?

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Before the Garden Makeover

This area runs along our driveway, so it is very visible from the street. I hated it from the moment I saw it on the realty listing photos and I hated it even more when I saw it in person, but… I knew I could make it beautiful. One of my gardening pet peeves is seeing hosta planted in full sun. The poor shady plants just get burnt up by the time July rolls around, even in zone 4. For some reason lots of people think it’s okay, but I won’t go off too much on how crazy it makes me, because I don’t want to alienate my readers. This is the picture from the real estate listing. The flower bed on the left hand side of the picture is the one I made over here.

Before - Flower garden makeover at Gingham Gardens.

This is what the bed looked like before I started. Well really I worked a little and then decided to take some before pictures. See the moving trucks… and you thought I was joking.

Before - Flower garden makeover at Gingham Gardens.

I dug out hosta, ditch lilies, blackberry lilies and tons of weeds. This picture also shows lots of other overgrown plants and shrubs that are gone now. Way over to the right, you can see a portion of the weeds in the foundation bed in front of the house. Always take lots of before and after photos. I really wish I’d taken more before photos. It’s just so nice to be able to compare the before and after.

Before - Flower garden makeover at Gingham Gardens.

So I have a confession to make, I pitched most of these plants. I had a huge pile at the end of our driveway and a few of the neighbors came and picked through it. A few of the hostas found a new home in the shade where they are very happy and thriving. Not to offend anyone, but I really dislike ditch lilies, unless they are in a ditch where they belong. And blackberry lilies, I just sort of like it, but it’s crazy aggressive. I’m still pulling lots of babies this year.  Here’s a picture of the last of it. Not very pretty, right!

Before - Flower garden makeover at Gingham Gardens.

Flower Garden Makeover – After

After I got everything dug out. I filled the massive holes in with bagged compost, raked the area smooth and then covered it with broken down cardboard boxes (of which we had plenty). On top of the boxes I spread out shredded leaves and grass clippings. It was left that way for the winter. I failed to take pictures of that step, because at the time I wasn’t thinking about doing a blog post. I just wanted to put it to bed for the winter and be done with it. This is know as the “Lasagna Method”.  The following spring my grunt man (hubby) tilled it for me. Overall, this method worked really well and I plan on doing it in some more areas of the yard this fall.

This bed was planned out a little more that some of the other areas I have planted, because I wanted it a little more structured, or as structured as one of my gardens can be. The perennials I planted are Becky Shasta Daisies, Royal Candle Veronica, Black-Eyed Susan, Autumn Joy Sedum, Karmina Geranium, South Seas Daylilies, Arizona Sun Gaillardia and Little Pleasures Daylilies. I then added in some annuals – Marigolds and Geraniums. I will be able to change the look by changing up the annuals every year. Here is a picture taken early in June just a week or so after I finished planting and mulching. You’ll also be able to see the difference with the other overgrown shrubs removed.

Flower garden makeover at Gingham Gardens.

Here are a few pictures taken the first week in July when things were really starting to fill in.

Flower garden makeover at Gingham Gardens.

In the next picture, you can also see some of the changes we’ve made so far to the front of the house. My very talented hubby made shutters and a window box. I also spent a lot of time last fall digging out weeds, a crappy, old rose bush and some kind of weed tree that had an unbelievably long tap root. There were actually some decent perennials that I moved to a different area. I then planted some shrubs along the foundation. I’m not completely happy with that area yet. Perhaps I’ll share a garden makeover on it next year, after it’s gone through some more rearranging. Any way, we’ve gotten tons of compliments from our neighbors and we think the changes so far have really made a difference in the curb appeal of our little, humble abode.

Flower garden makeover at Gingham Gardens.

Back to the matter at hand… Here are a few pictures of the garden from later in the summer.

Flower garden makeover at Gingham Gardens.

Some of my favorite garden decor pieces are shown in these pictures – this Sweet Little Sophie garden statue. The landscape lights are no longer available, but these are a very close to the same.

Flower garden makeover at Gingham Gardens.

Below is one last comparison, not quite the same angle, but I think it’s easy to see we’ve done a fair amount of work.

Garden Makeover Before & After
More Garden Makeover Projects

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I’m very pleased with the way this garden transformation turned out and I love hearing the compliments from our neighbors. Thanks for stopping by to check out Another Flower Garden Makeover at Gingham Gardens. Hang out for awhile and have a look around. Please feel free to share this post with others. I love comments, too.

Happy gardening,


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Garden Before Image with text overlay - What was a weed pit is now a Beautiful Garden


  1. Love the new makeover! I started a large flower bed last week. It has been very hard work. I am digging it shovel by shovel by myself as my husband is blind. I have planted my perrinials now and am ready to mulch and put my rock border around. I will finish with lighting. It will be exciting to see it grow and will be very rewarding in the end. Thanks for your ideas and encouragement to keep on planning and planting!

    1. Hi Cindy – thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I do all the digging and hauling myself too. It’s hard, but ever so gratifying. Be sure to take pictures of your new garden bed and enjoy. Happy gardening!

      1. Good exercise for us ladies. My husband helps with the veggie garden but the flowers are are up to me. It is a lot of hard work but very rewarding in the end. Joanna you have done a great job. Looks like a new place. Way to go girl! Keep up the great work.

  2. Beautiful garden, nice work. I love the after pic. I found you on Friendship Friday Party, I’m #36, hope you will stop by and say hello. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. The new bed with the added color is gorgeous! Our neighbors had their yard landscaped professionally and guess what? They planted hostas in full sun. I couldn’t believe it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. Hello Joanna, It looks like your ‘curb appeal’ went from sad to happy! I found my way here from the Fine Gardening Photo blog. It will be fun to see the garden’s progress next year when plants are filling in. Thanks for sharing. And one thought about the hosta; perhaps at one time there was shade for it, but a tree came down and conditions changed. Too bad, the former owners didn’t think to move them…

  5. You make me miss my garden. I live in a. Condo on a golf course and they only allow one hanging basket and it has to be on the porch. But the view of the dourse is always nice. My “neighbor” takes such great care of their lawn!! Have a blessed and fun week.

  6. Your garden is lovely … so bright and cheerful … and a lot of work to get it that way! I bet the neighbors do like it!

  7. It looks absolutely lovely. Even my hostas in the shade are struggling. Lots of thrips seem to be feasting on them this year, a problem I never had in the past. And despite it being very dry until recently, I am seeing more slugs. I removed all the ditch lilies a few years ago. So glad they are gone.

  8. Joanna, I am loving seeing how you have transformed your outdoor spaces. You have put in a lot of time and energy and it has definitely paid off well. The garden space a.long the driveway has really filled out and will give you much pleasure in the coming years! Thanks for joining me at Gardens Galore and Happy Gardening!

  9. Your garden and home are so warm and welcoming. All the little details from shutters and window box to garden art. Lovely.

  10. I followed a link to your blog and enjoyed seeing your gardens. Then I saw your new house and thought, Boy that looks like a Mn house… then you mentioned your growing zone! So I had to go read your “About Me” post. I live in St Paul. So nice to see local gardens! Thanks!

  11. You did a great job of transforming the garden along the driveway. Love the shutters And window box your husband created too. It looks like the previous homeowners hadn’t been keeping up with the plants and made some wrong choices. It is sad when you see hostas burning up in the sun. I know there are some hostas that will take more sun than others but I don’t think I’ve seen any that like full sun. Your plants have filled out quite nicely. Looks like last year’s preparation paid off!

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