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Tips on Transitioning Container Gardens to Fall

Fall is in the air and I’ve started refreshing my summer flower pots and transitioning container gardens to Fall. Do your flower pots and container gardens start looking bedraggled and ready for a change by the end of summer? Mine sure do. I would like to show you how to save time and money, by simply using your same summer container gardens, flower pots and planters that you already have and reviving and refreshing them for Fall.

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Fall Flowers that Work Well in Containers:

  • Chyrsanthemums (a/k/a mums)
  • Asters
  • Ornamental Peppers
  • Pansies
  • Ornamental Kale or Cabbage
  • Rudbeckia
  • Celosia
  • Croton
  • Dianthus
  • Viola

Steps for Transitioning Container Gardens to Fall:

  • First, pull out the annuals and leave the tall grasses or spikes. If they are in good shape, also leave the spillers like vinca vine, ivy or creeping jenny. It’s easiest to pull the annuals out when the soil is dry.
  • Next, loosen up the compacted soil. I use my trusty CobraHead.  (Yet, another way to use the best garden tool ever.) A sharp hand shovel or a gardening knife will also work.
  • Then, plop in a mum or another favorite fall flower from the list above. I hit the jackpot a few weeks ago and got little quart-sized mums for $1.25 at Home Depot, so I got a bunch. They work perfect for replacing annuals in containers. When you finish up here, pop over and check out my article on How to Buy and Care for Mums to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Fill in around your new plants with some fresh potting mix and then give the entire planter, a good, slow drink of water.
  • To add some character, I add in some miniature pumpkins and gourds. If you have nuisance squirrels in your yard, you might want to consider using artificial pumpkins and gourds. And, since I have a thing for scarecrows, I usually work a scarecrow into the design.

Refreshed Summer Flower Pots for Fall

Our front porch is teeny, tiny, so there isn’t much room to decorate, but I still like to have a little something just to make it feel homey and welcoming. This spring I used this short stepladder and created this little vignette. I like it so much that I kept the same little grouping through the summer and just changed out the pansies in the galvanized bucket to carnations and marigolds.
Transitioning Container Gardens to Fall

By the end of summer, the carnations and marigolds were looking tired and the entire vignette was looking pretty bedraggled, so I pulled the flowers out of the little galvanized flower pot.

Changing Summer Planters to Fall Planters

I then added in a mum, gave the vinca vine a much needed haircut and trimmed the spike. The design is completed by adding some Fall touches. Tada… here’s the Fall container.Fall Decor - Transitioning Container Gardens to Fall

My Amazon Picks for Super Cute Fall Decor:

Around to the back yard, we have these deck rail planters all around the deck. This is how they looked earlier in the summer. I loved all the pops of color, but they too were looking pretty tired and bedraggled by the end of summer.

Transitioning Container Gardens to Fall

I did the same thing here and pulled out the annuals, leaving the vinca vine, and then added the mums, pumpkins and more adorable scarecrows.

Fall Decor - Tips on Transitioning Container Gardens to Fall

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Chainging Summer Planters to Fall

One of my favorite container gardens is this old whiskey barrel. It permanently resides on a tree stump in the middle of a flower bed on the corner of our front yard. It’s one of my favorite flower pots and I’ve used it for several years. 

Whiskey barrel planter in summer

Here is the whiskey barrel all made over for Fall. As you can see, I left the snapdragons and the creeping jenny, and added in a Mum, pumpkin and a cute harvest sign.

Fall Whiskey Barrel Planter

My handy hubs added tons of character to the front of our humble abode by adding DIY shutters and a window box. I try to change it up every year and every season. You can see thewinter version here.

Window box with summer flowers

And, the new Fall look for the Window Box.

Fall Window Box - Transitioning Container Gardens to Fall

I don’t have a before picture of the flower pots I have on our deck, but here is one all decorated for Fall.

Fall Planter - Transitioning Container Gardens to Fall

I really had fun refreshing our summer flower planters for Fall. By just making these few changes, our container gardens and planters have been revived and look much tidier and I love all the whimsical fall touches. I’m curious, do you like to decorate your outdoor spaces for Fall?

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Thanks so much for stopping by Gingham Gardens. I hope you have some new ideas and tips for Transitioning your Container Gardens to Fall. If you’d like some more upscale design ideas, rather than my simple ones, check out this article on Houzz for Refreshing Your Summer Container Gardens for Fall.

Happy Fall Gardening, 


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Image of a fall flower planter with text overlay - how to revive summer planters for fall


  1. Hi Joanna:
    Love your fall makeover. I also like to decorate for the season. I had a lot of pumpkins in our garden so used some of them to decorate, some I have sold and some I gave away. I have a couple of plaques for fall and a scarecrow put up. Hope to decorate the mailbox. I do love fall. The leaves are so beautiful right now. I would send you a picture if I knew how. should take a course but rather garden. Ha ha. Keep up the great work it is good exercise and work out.
    Shirley in Canada.

    1. Shirley, it’s always good to hear from you. You’ll have to tell me your secrets for growing pumpkins. I had vines everywhere, but only 2 pumpkins. Thanks for stopping by, Joanna

  2. Thanks for sharing at our To Grandma’s House We Go DIY, Crafts, Recipes and More Link Party. I pinned this! Hope to see you again Wednesday!

    1. Thanks so much! Thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales and flea markets are great places to find galvanized containers. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth. I really should try violas and pansies in the fall. I’m sure they would last much longer than mums. Happy gardening for a little while longer.

  3. I love your containers! I will have to do some of this next year. My annuals are looking really tired, but I don’t have the heart to pull them out yet.

  4. I really love the galvanized tub arranged for fall (well, for spring, too!). What a good idea to extend the use of spillers and spikes with fall flowers. Thanks for the ideas. I’ll look into one of those cobra tools, too. Sounds like it would make working in tight spaces easier.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Susan. The CobraHead tool is one of my favorites. I use it for weeding, dividing perennials, breaking up compacted soil, etc., etc. I hope you enjoy your Fall. Come back soon!

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