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Fall Porch Decor and Outdoor Decorating Ideas

It’s so fun to think about and plan for Fall. Don’t you just love the crisp cool air, pumpkins, scarecrows, sweatsuits, apples, leaves and the colors of the season? Best of all, I love to decorate outdoors for Fall by creating cute little vignettes or groupings of junk with a fall theme.

My favorite place to decorate is my tiny front porch and along the sidewalk leading to the porch. And, really any other place in the gardens or yard that’s visible to visitors or passersby.

Fall Porch Decor with yellow mums, pumpkins and a Happy Fall sign.

There’s nothing elaborate or fancy here, our ideas take on more of a rustic look than refined, with maybe just a touch of farmhouse style. Decorating our front porches is a great way to welcome visitors to our home. It’s also a great place to add some curb appeal.

Follow along as I share some simple ideas for outdoor fall displays. You’ll also find a few tips for creating and setting up your own fun and festive outdoor displays for autumn.

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Fall Porch Decor Ideas

Our front porch is very small and most of it isn’t covered, so my fall porch decor has to withstand the elements. I’m really more of a traditional fall colors kind of gal and I love using old vintage pieces that I’ve purchased at flea markets or estate sales.

Fall Porch Decor at Gingham Gardens

I’ve had this old chippy wicker basket for a few years now and it gets used quite a bit. Some years I stick a few mums in it and others, I fill it with mini pumpkins and gourds. 

Fall Porch Decor - Chippy white vintage basket with pumpkins

Since my porch is small, I utilize the stairs too. This little vignette is situated on the porch stairs. The white mums are a real standout with the rays of late afternoon sun gleaming through them.

Fall Porch Decor at Gingham Gardens

Another year plants, pumpkins and scarecrows line the steps.

Fall front porch ideas - scarecrow, pumpkin and plants on the steps of a small porch.

You just can’t beat a wagon for adding character to your gardens or your fall porch decor. My radio flyer wagon is the most multi-purpose garden tool/toy/garden decor piece that I have.

Since a wagon won’t fit on my small porch, this vignette featuring the wagon sits to one side at the bottom of the porch stairs.

I’m pretty sure when my little grand buddy sees this, he’ll ask to go for a wagon ride. And, yes, this Nana will take all the stuff out and give her little buddy a ride.

Fall Porch Decor featuring a radio wagon.

Another old wagon I picked up at a flea market a few years ago. It’s really wonky, but works perfect for cute garden vignettes.  It’s fun to add different colored pumpkins (like white pumpkins) and gourds to your fall displays.

Image of a fall garden wagon display

Items That Add Character to Your Outdoor Fall Decor

I especially like bushel baskets and there’s probably one in every outdoor fall display I’ve ever put together.  They add so much character and they are perfect for plopping in a fall mum, or filling with pumpkins and gourds.

If you can’t find used ones, buy them new and leave them outdoors and they will weather nicely, but will still last for several seasons. I recently read a tip that if you rub bushel baskets down with olive oil, they will be waterproof and last even longer. 

Fall outdoor display with bushel basket of various plants, colorful mums, pumpkins and a Welcome Fall sign.

The ‘Welcome Fall’ sign in the picture above, was purchased at this shop on Etsy.

Don’t care for baskets, or you don’t have any, farmhouse galvanized buckets or watering cans also make adorable additions to your fall displays. If shopping at thrift stores, flea markets or estate sales isn’t your jam, again you can buy them new and they will age naturally.

This sweet, little galvanized pail will look so cute with a couple of small mums in it, or full of some of the miniature pumpkins.

Of course, pumpkins, chrysanthemums, colorful leaves, corn cobs, scarecrows and bales of hay are essentials for fall porch and outdoor decor displays. Real natural elements look the best, but sometimes that just doesn’t work out. For example, I have a problem with squirrels eating my pumpkins, especially small pumpkins, so I’m going to use fake ones this year.

Although fake, this set of miniature pumpkins and gourds are realistic looking and I won’t be picking up half eaten pumpkins from all over the yard.

Fall display on a front porch with antique milk cans, colorful mums, a scarecrow, pumpkins and a Happy Fall sign.

Lots of ‘Happy Fall’ signs can be found here.

I just can’t get enough mums in the fall and I always go a little overboard. It’s taken me several years, but I’ve finally learned how to buy and care for potted mums to get the biggest bang for my buck. I’ve put together an awesome post that’s been crazy popular. Before you go shopping for fall mums, be sure to read this post.

As a finishing touch, add a fall wreath to your front door to welcome visitors.

Signs add so much character to your outdoor fall displays. I especially love handmade fall signs.

The scarecrow welcome sign in the picture below was purchased at Hobby Lobby.
Scarecrow Welcome sign in an outdoor fall display.

Outdoor Fall Decor Using Vintage Items

If you’ve followed Gingham Gardens for any time at all, you probably already know that I love using upcycled and recycled vintage junk in my gardens. It’s just my style and it follows through to my outdoor fall decorating. It’s also a simple way to reuse garden art pieces from your summer garden without spending a lot of money.

Vintage Milk Cans are an awesome addition to your fall outdoor displays, your fall porch decor, or really any place in your flower gardens no matter what the season. This old milk can finds a place in my gardens every summer and fall.

Image of an outdoor fall display

Now, you’ll really see what I mean by using junk in your displays. My favorite junk garden displays are with my old ladder and you’ll see it many times here on Gingham Gardens. And, here it’s being used for one of my outdoor fall displays.

Image of a Fall Outdoor Display

Another favorite decor piece that I use in my garden displays a lot, is this bench made out of barn wood. Although I prefer the real thing, don’t hesitate to use faux items in your outdoor displays, like faux fall leaves and bittersweet.

Image of an outdoor fall vignette

Another fun festive outdoor fall display using more vintage junk. For the ultimate fall festive touch, don’t forget to add in hay bales, a few scarecrows, corn stalks, and fall foliage. And, be sure to add in a few outdoor solar lanterns.

Image of an outdoor fall display

Adding Flowers and Planters to Your Fall Porch Decor

I’m all about the flowers and I don’t think porch decor, no matter what the season, is ever complete without flowers. Because I’m cheap and I can make them myself, I never buy pre-made flower containers, unless it’s Fall. I splurge on a big fall container garden at my favorite local nursery every year. 

Image of a fall flower planter.

The combination of mums, asters, ornamental kale or cabbage, peppers, grass, etc. is breathtaking.

It’s a great idea, once the flowers in your fall containers are done blooming to pull out the perennials (rudbeckia, dianthus, phlox, etc.) and plant them in the ground so they will come back the following season.

Image of a fall flower container garden.

Although the color combination of purple and green isn’t really thought of as fall colors, this combination of asters and ornamental kale is simply stunning.

Image of ornamental kale and asters.

An entry garden is a great place to add a fall display to welcome family and friends to your home.

Colorful fall display in an entry garden with mums, flowers and pumpkins.

A Few Tips for Creating Your Outdoor Fall Displays

Take some pictures as you are arranging your display. It really helps to be able to look through the various versions and choose the one you like the best.

Try doing your groupings in odd numbers. I know it sounds crazy, but it works. For some reason displays look better with odd numbers of items.

If you get frustrated and you don’t think what you’ve put together looks right, just walk away. Come back a few hours later, or even a few days later. It always seems like everything clicks when you take a break.

I hope you’re leaving with some inspiration to take your outdoor fall displays and porch decor to a new level this year.  Even if you don’t go all out, add a few mums and some pumpkins. Get creative and go for it. You’ll be so glad you did.

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If you love this time of year too, leave a comment and tell me how you decorate your outdoor spaces. 

Happy Gardening, 

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