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Summer Flower Gardens

Oh how I love this time of year! Every day something new is putting on a show in my gardens. Come along as we have a look-see at what is blooming in my Summer Flower Gardens. Oh, and before we get started with our garden tour, it would help me out ever so much, if you’d Pin some pictures as you pass by. Just hover in the upper left-hand corner and you’ll see the little Pinterest icon. Thanks!

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There’s so much to see, so let’s just jump right in and check out the Asiatic Lilies that are putting on a show. These were supposed to be Orange Lilies, at least that’s what the tag said. I believe they are Tiny Sensation.

Asiatic Lily - Tiny Sensation

I wasn’t sure if I liked them, but after seeing this picture, they’re growing on me.

Lily - Tiny Sensation

And, here are some orange lilies in another garden area that need to be moved. I hope this pretty little buggie boy has no intentions of eating holes in my flowers.

Shiny Orange Asiatic Lilies

These bright, cheery yellow lilies are my favorite. I believe they are Tiny Glow.

Asiatic Lilies - Yellow Tiny Glow

My neighbor gave me two big bunches of these lilies last spring and I love them and so does the little grasshopper guy. I believe the name of this one is Denia Pixie. If you know the variety name for sure, I would greatly appreciate it if you be kind enough to leave a comment and let me know.

Pink Asiatic Lily - Denia Pixie

This pretty yellow Asiatic Lily is Yellow Power. I started these from bulbs in my greenhouse this spring.

Yellow Power Asiatic Lily

Sorry, I get carried away when it comes to lilies. We’ll move on now. Next up is a shot of my tiered garden bed. It’s a wild mess and not at all what I want, but I love it anyway. All the work I did amending the soil is paying off and the perennials are filling in and looking great.

If you haven’t seen the makeover post on this tiered bed, take few minutes to check it out. It was recently a feature on Hometalk. I have to remind myself that this is only my second full summer gardening here. From experience, I know it takes time and lots of rearranging for a perennial bed to come into it’s own.

Tiered Flower Garden

Here’s a little grouping of the pink Asiatic Lilies I showed above, along with Blue Uniform Campanula and John Creech Stonecrop.

Summer Flower Garden - Pink Asiatic Lilies, Blue Uniform Campanula and John Creech Stonecrop

In the same tiered flower garden are these beautiful Cherry Bell Campanula. She is kind of a diva plant and will take over the entire garden if you let her. I show her who’s boss and weed her out.

Cherry Bell Campanula

Very soon I will be sharing a post on the makeover of this flower bed, but for now just a few groupings here and there. Here’s one of my favorite perennial and color combinations: Becky Shasta Daisies, Walker’s Low Catmint and Orange Asiatic Lilies. I think this picture will definitely be one of my favorite Summer Flower Garden pictures. When the lilies are done, the Phlox and the Liatris will take over, and the Daisies and Catmint will just keep blooming.

Summer Flower Garden - Becky Shasta Daisy and Walker's Low Catmint

I shared the makeover of this garden area I like to call Hosta Hill last week. Be sure to check it out if you missed it. I’ll probably share this grouping again in a future post when the plants fill in more.

Summer Flower Garden in the Shade

Delphinium really steals the show for a few weeks in June. Does anyone have any tips for staking Delphinium? I just haven’t been successful this year. Even staked they still seem to break off in our windy weather.

Guardian Delphinium

A pin to share.

Summer Flower Gardens

Look at the color detail of this beauty.

Guardian Delphinium Close-Up

Another pretty Delphinium.


To wrap up our Summer Flower Garden tour, I have to share my wonky little raised veggie beds just to prove I do grow vegetables too. I have bush beans, two types of tomatoes, 3 or 4 pepper plants, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and zucchini planted. We’ve had lots of rain, so I can almost watch the veggies grow. Don’t mind the weedy paths. I’ll get to them eventually. I use untreated grass clippings to mulch around the vegetable plants to help control weeds in the raised beds.

Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

Thanks a bunch for stopping by Gingham Gardens today. If you made it this far, you’re a champ! Please feel free to hang out for awhile in the gardens taking in the latest virtual garden tour, Flower Gardens – Late Spring Blooms) or reading up on some more gardening tips. In case you missed it, Flower Garden Maintenance has some good practical tips for keeping your flower gardens looking great all summer. If you have any questions or comments, you can use the contact form or you can leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

Happy gardening,


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Summer Flower Gardens