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July Flower Garden Tour

The summer is going way to fast for me. I’m in total denial that it’s already the end of July. The gardens are looking great though and I’m the happiest when I can be outside tending my plants and flowers. Come along and join me for Gingham Gardens’ July Flower Garden Tour.

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We have so much to see, so we better get started. Let’s begin with an update on my latest Flower Garden Makeover. When you’re done with the July Flower Garden Tour, be sure and scroll back up so you can click on the link and check out my makeover post on this bed. Now, it’s just a crazy riot of color. And, yikes we need some rain, the grass is looking very thirsty.

July Flower Garden Tour

Here’s a colorful little grouping of Little Moonshine Yarrow, Balloon Flower and an orange Geranium, along with my favorite little bunny statute. Just a side note, the geraniums were over-wintered and if you’re interested in learning how, check out this post.

July Flower Garden Tour - Balloon Flower, Little Moonshine Yarrow & Orange Geranium

Another angle of this garden a few years later.

Image of a flower garden in July Flower Garden Tour

This corner garden bed is in a very visible place, as our home sits on the corner of a busy street. I feel like it needs to look good all the time, but I will tell you it’s a challenge. The snow from the intersection always gets piled on this corner, so with all the moisture and salt in the winter, it has been a lot of trial and error to see what plants will thrive in this garden. Instead of plants getting bigger every year, they seem to get smaller every year. Ugh! All we can do is our best, right?

July is the time of year when the daylilies start taking center stage in perennial gardens. Here’s a brand new daylily to my garden. Her name is Glistening Bouquet.

July Flower Garden Tour - Glistening Bouquet Daylily

Natural elements like field stones and boulders add so much character to a garden. This garden has 2 huge granite boulders and is bordered with field stones. 

July Flower Garden Tour

A few more updated groupings from this flower bed. Happy Returns daylilies and Powwow Wild Berry Coneflowers.

Powwow Berry Coneflowers and Happy Returns Daylilies

Beautiful image of Globe Thistle (Echinops Ritro) and pink bubblegum petunias.

Blue globe thistle and pink petunias

Let’s head across the crispy front lawn, with crazy grasshoppers jumping up in front of us, to the garden that borders our driveway. It’s been a few years since we moved into our fixer upper and this flower bed went through a major overhaul. I had some losses in this bed over the winter, but it’s still looking great.

This flower garden is a 3-Season Perennial Garden. The tulips, daffodils and grape hyacinth start off the season in spring. Next come irises, peonies and baptisia. Then comes the Royal Candles Veronica, Yarrow and Becky Shasta Daisies. And while they are still blooming, the daylilies (South Seas Daylilies, Little Pleasures and a few others) and Black-eyed Susan start. For late summer and fall we have Autumn Joy Sedum, and hardy chrysanthemums. For consistent color, I always add some annuals, like zonal geraniums, marigolds and alyssum.

Flower Bed - July Flower Garden Tour

Here’s a collage Pin to add to your favorite Flower Gardening board on Pinterest.

July Flower Garden Tour at Gingham Gardens

Another beautiful and popular daylily, South Seas. I will have to say that I’m not that keen on this daylilies foliage. Here along the driveway where it’s full, hot sun, the foliage on South Seas really looks awful.

Just as a side note, if you have daylilies that don’t have great foliage, simply trim the yellow and brown stuff off.

South Seas Daylily - July Flower Garden Tour

And, this little sweetie, Little Pleasures Daylily. If you’re a lover of daylilies too, or if you’d like to learn more about growing daylilies, be sure to check out the post – Tips for Growing Daylilies. Along with some great tips, there’s a feast of eye candy for daylily lovers.

Little Pleasures Daylily - July Flower Garden Tour

Here is a beautiful trio of Royal Candles Veronica, Becky Shasta Daisies and Lemon Drop Marigolds. I grew the Lemon Drop Marigolds from seed and now they look like little bushes.

July Flower Garden Tour

This Saucy Seduction Yarrow is one of my many favorite perennials this year. I love all the variation in bloom colors. It also blooms for a very long time and will rebloom if deadheaded.

July Flower Garden Tour - Saucy Seduction Yarrow & Marigolds

At the end of the driveway flower bed are these lovely Patricia’s Pride Asiatic Lilies.

Patricia's Pride Asiatic Lilies - July Flower Garden Tour

And next to the lilies, is this beauty, Gaudy Gaudy Daylily. And, yes she is a bit gaudy.

bright yellow daylily - Gaudy Gaudy

Heading around to the back yard, is this little bed alongside the deck. It has gone through many changes in the last few years. This little bed is full of perennials: a Pee Gee Hydrangea that is trained in a tree shape, a giant Summer Nights Heliopsis, Liatris, a few varieties of daylilies, and some annuals to fill in.

July Flower Garden Tour

This is the same corner of this flower bed a few years later. The hydrangea was spendy, but it was totally worth it. I love how it has filled in and the blooms are gorgeous in the fall.

Image of a flower garden in a July Flower Garden Tour

From the same flower bed, here’s a lovely combination of Kobold Liatris and Dancing With Julie Daylily.

Image of flowers in a flower garden tour.

Here’s a fancy daylily, named Moonlit Caress. Do you know the names of your daylilies? I have around 90 different varieties and I get really bummed if I lose the tags and can’t remember their names. I guess you could call me a daylily geek!

Moonlit Caress Daylily - July Flower Garden Tour

A few more recent (2021 and 2022) pictures of this little flower bed by our deck. Old rakes make great hangers for signs. If you love garden signs, check out this post. The ‘garden tours’ sign below came from this shop on Etsy.

Flower garden with yellow lilies

Lots of lilies in this area. Unfortunately, I do not know the names of lilies like I do daylilies.

colorful lilies in a flower garden

Let’s take a hike across the backyard to the tiered flower garden. The lilies have finished blooming and the Coneflowers, Black-eyed Susan, Balloon Flowers, Liatris, Coreopsis and Daylilies are making their appearance. This flower bed is on a slope and it’s a real challenge to design and plant. It’s always a work in progress.

July Flower Garden Tour - Tiered Flower Garden

This Pow Wow Wild Berry Coneflower is my new favorite coneflower. It’s only about 2 feet tall and it looks different shades of pink depending if it’s sunny or overcast. 

Pow Wow Coneflower - July Flower Garden Tour

Here’s a lovely low-growing combination of John Crech stonecrop and campanula.

Image of Campanula and John Crech stonecrop in a flower garden
Another lovely lily with the last of the flowering Silver Lace vine. My apologies, I do not have the name of this lily.

Lily in a flower garden

More beautiful oriental lilies and coneflowers. The lilies smell amazing!

Pink Oriental Lilies and Coneflowers

There’s lots of variety growing in this flower bed – bee balm, Zagreb coreopsis, coneflowers and daylilies, etc.

Colorful flower garden

And, I just have to show you another daylily – Pewter Pink. It’s difficult to capture in a photograph, but it sparkles in the sun. So pretty!

Pewter Pink Daylily

I’m unsure of the variety of the lily below, but I love it! It’s one of the few treasures left by the previous owners of our home. It has a light fragrance that is just plain heady. 

White Lily - July Flower Garden Tour
The pink phlox, lighter pink coneflowers and blue balloon flowers make a pretty grouping.

Flower garden with pink phlox, balloon flowers and pink coneflowers

I leave you with this final picture. Although the sloped flower bed is challenging and a crazy design mess, when I look at this view, I think it’s beautiful.

Colorful flower garden

Thanks a bunch for stopping by Gingham Gardens today. I hope you enjoyed our July Flower Garden Tour. This is just a fraction of my gardens and I love sharing them with you, so come back soon because you never know what you’ll find at Gingham Gardens. Please feel free to share some of or your favorite pictures on Pinterest.

As well as sharing my gardens here at Gingham Gardens, I also share videos and current garden photos on Gingham Gardens Facebook page. Stop over and say hi.

Now that we’re entering the maintenance stage of gardening, Flower Garden Maintenance has some good practical tips for keeping your flower gardens looking their very best all summer.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

Happy gardening,

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Image of a flower garden with text overlay - Home Flower Garden Tour