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Garden Tour – End of Summer

I’m just not ready for summer to end. Here in Minnesota the temps are in the 70s and we’ve had ample rain, so the grass, veggies and flowers are very lush and green. Since everything is looking so good, I decided to do another “Stroll Through Gingham Gardens,” or more commonly known as a garden tour. I’m a relative new blogger and I’m learning as I go, so for my non-blogger readers, I will explain that more people are searching for “garden tours” than are searching for “stroll through Gingham Gardens,” so I must comply with good blogging practices to get traffic to my blog. I think it’s funny, because I really like my title better. Oh well, I’ll stop ranting and get back on track now. If you would like to view my previous garden tours, you can see those here and here.

Garden Tour - End of Summer

We’ll start with an area that runs along the side of our deck that I haven’t shared before.  This area was another area that got a complete clean out. It was full of overgrown burnt up hosta, ribbon grass, crocosmia and other undesirables. I haven’t shared a makeover on this area, because I don’t feel like its completely made over yet. It sort of turned into an area to just plop plants in that were leftovers or that I didn’t have a place to plant. The only plant that was planned was the Pee Gee Hydrangea and the rest were just plopped in.  I think the only plants that will stay put are the hydrangea and the clematis. I love the little chippy chair planter that I picked up at a junk store called The Cottage House in Minneapolis.

Garden Tour (Late Summer) - Pee Gee Hydrangea

Most of my containers are looking a little worse for wear, but some of the flowers are still going strong and I’ve enjoyed not having to water to much. The Marine Bells (Browalia) seem to like the cooler temps better than the heat.

Garden Tour - Seed Geranium, Browalia, Vinca Vine

Let’s walk around the deck to the other side by the Miniature Gnome Garden. I love this combination of Caladium, Maidenhair Fern and Hypoestes. I tried simply shooting this picture from overhead and it seemed the best way to capture it.

Garden Tour - Maidenhair Fern, Hypoestes and Caladium

The shady wheelbarrow garden has gone wild.

Garden Tour - Wheelbarrow Garden in the Shade

Let’s hike over to the tiered flower bed now. I’ve shared it in a couple of other posts here and here. First up are a few daylilies. This beauty, Monterey Jack, is new to my garden this year and I love it. It’s still loaded with buds. I picked it up at a big box store in July on clearance because it looked like it had been run over by a Mac truck. I just trimmed it up and planted it, and he’s quite happy now.

Monterey Jack Daylily

Next up is Apricot Sparkles daylily, back for it’s second round of blooms. I ran out after one of our many rain showers to snap these. If you’d like to see more daylilies at Gingham Gardens, you can check out these posts here and here.

Apricot Sparkles Daylily

Have you ever planted Solidago (goldenrod) in your gardens? This is so pretty, but I hope it’s not weedy. This is the first time I’ve planted it.

Garden Tour - Solidago (Goldenrod)

The Autumn Joy Sedum is starting to turn pink.

Garden Tour - Autumn Joy Sedum

I don’t think of pink as a fall color, but I sure have lots of pink blooms right now. Turtlehead is just getting started.

Garden Tour - Turtlehead

Another pink, Stargazer Oriental Lily. I have a few bunches that still have buds on them. They smell amazing, especially after it rains.

Garden Tour - Stargazer Oriental Lily

No pink here. Black-eyed Susan is a late summer flower garden staple. Now that’s a fall color.

Garden Tour - Black-eyed Susan

On our way to the front yard, I want to show you this Meadow Blazingstar Liatris. I’ve never grown this variety of liatris and I think it’s lovely. So do the butterflies, but apparently they don’t want their picture taken. Update: check this out!

Garden Tour - Meadow Blazingstar Liatris

Now let’s walk up to the far corner of the front yard. This little vignette of Butterfly Bush, Arizona Sun Gaillardia and Solanna Golden Sphere Coreopsis, are sporting true fall colors.

Garden Tour - Solanna Golden Sphere Coreopsis, Arizona Sun Gaillardia, Butterfly Bush

I get sidetracked very easily in the garden. Does that happen to you? I sat my camera down on a rock to do some deadheading and when I picked it up I accidentally pressed the button and snapped this shot. I think it’s cool, so I had to share it.

Garden Tour Perennial Bed

For this garden tour, I saved the best for last. The annuals in this old wine barrel planter are loving the rain and mild temps, and are putting on a beautiful show for passersby.

Garden Tour - Wine Barrel Planter

I hope you enjoyed the stroll this week. Are you ready for fall, or in denial like me? Your welcome to hang out for a bit and take some more tours. Feel free to share what you find on Pinterest or Facebook. Also, if you have a minute, leave a comment.  Have a blessed day!

Happy gardening,


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    1. Sandra, I believe the secret to keeping mums looking good is water. I put one of those clear plastic trays under them that catches the runoff and continues to water the plant from the bottom.

  1. Joanna, what a beautiful garden tour! I don’t know where to start…I love all daylilies and mine have long gone for the year…the stargazer is just gorgeous! I love your wheelbarrow full of blooms and the whiskey barrel is a showstopper! Thanks so much for sharing at Gardens Galore and for your support of each party!

  2. Joanna, Your garden is lush with blossoms! It’s all so pretty I don’t know where to start.
    I inherited crocsomia when we bought our house and it is hard to get rid of. Even years later it pops up.
    I am loving your blooming wheelbarrow. I might steal your idea at some point. I have an old one that has a hole in it that I hate to give up because it is lightweight and not so big. It was my MIL’s so it is really an old one.
    Your temperatures sound lovely. We had a respite from the 90’s last week but still in the 80’s.
    I enjoyed your tour.

  3. We have had a very dry summer here and the only plants happy about that are my sedum. My astilbes look more like weeds and had few flowers. I watered, but one cannot water all the time. I’ve already started fall clean-up since everything is struggling. Lucky you with the rain.

  4. I loved the stroll through your gardens. Love the Miniature Gnome Garden- great texture and color. It’s so nice to see things still flowering. Your hydrangea in the first picture look just like my Pinky Winky hydrangea. It took mine several years to establish itself and start blooming nicely. My lilies are done but I’ve still got coneflowers, phlox and rudbeckia blooming. I hope we don’t get a killing frost anytime soon! We’ve dropped into the mid 40’s a few times already. You are a hard worker and have made a lot of progress with garden improvements!

  5. Joanna,, Your plants all look crisp & healthy. My favorite times in the garden are early spring & early fall & your garden looks like it is ready for a terrific early fall display. Thank you for this post, Joe

  6. Your gardens are beautiful! I’m surprised you still have stargazer lilies open… that’s fun… mine have been done for a couple of months and I have never had them in the fall. What a treat. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I started these bulbs this spring in my greenhouse, so they were much later than if they’d already been in the ground. Happy gardening!

  7. A beautiful tour! ๐Ÿ™‚ My sedum here too is just coming into bloom.

    I doubt that this wonderful weather will last…I’ve seen heat waves into October in many a year ( I am in Southwestern PA ) so I am just enjoying our break while I can ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Deb. September and October can be iffy here too, where the weather can swing hot or cold. I’d prefer hanging out around 70 for awhile.

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