Best Amazon Prime Days Deals for Gardeners


The Best Amazon Prime Days Deals for Gardeners includes all the things gardeners need from supplies to tools to things to add character to your gardens. I will update this list a few times a day over the next two days, so check back often.

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Garden Tools

Gardening Gloves – A gardener can never have too many pairs of gardening gloves and there are lots of really good deals on them.

Garden Hand Tools – There are lots of hand tool sets, but some of them look pretty cheap. Read reviews and look for words like heavy duty, ergonomic, etc.

Rakes – Yay! My favorite adjustable rake is on sale. This rake is the best for cleaning up flower beds and around shrubs.

Some interesting Garden Weeders. I like the stand up weeders. What about that robot weeder. Haha… I think I’ll pass.

Gardening Benches and/or Kneelers. This is the heavy duty one I have and I love it. If you’re in the market for a kneeling bench, this is a great price. 

Composters – This is the compost bin I have. It’s awesome because it has 2 chambers. Wow, its deeply discounted.


There are some really great deals on portable greenhouses. If you’ve been wanting a small portable greenhouse to extend your gardening season, now’s the time.

Watering Supplies

Garden Hoses

  • I’m in the market for a lightweight, flexible style hose and there are lots of great deals. I’m also really thinking about this retractable hose too for the back yard. I’ve had my eye on one for while. Really good deals on soaker hoses too.

Drip systems, timers, drip systems, sprinklers, etc.

Garden Supplies

Fertilizers – One of my favorite fertilizers, Osmocote, is on sale. Some of the sizes have extra coupons too. 

Organic Fertilizers

Some great deals on Miracle Gro products (even the organic ones).

Planters – check out the deals on garden and patio planters, even some raised garden beds. I’ve had my eye on some new galvanized raised beds and there are lots on sale.

Plant Tags and Labels – I recently purchase some of these fancy ones for my hostas and daylilies. They are really heavy duty and beautiful. I’m probably going to buy some more.

Garden Stakes

Seed Starting Supplies

Even though the timing isn’t right, there are some great deals on seed starting supplies, even some cool small light stations.

Seed Starting Lights 

Garden Decor Items

Weatherproof Solar Lighting – tons and tons of solar lighting deals. My favorites are the Solar Lanterns. Don’t forget the shepherd’s hooks. Eeek, my favorite solar mason jar lights are on sale for a great price.

Garden Signs

Outdoor Fountains, including solar bird bath fountains.

Garden Statues

Bird Baths and Solar Fountains

Patio Furniture, Umbrellas and Pillows

Garden Decor

If you’re interested in seeing what my favorite gardening tools are, check out: Essential Gardening Tools. Many of those will likely be on sale too.

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