Create Your Own Backyard Cutting Garden


Who doesn’t love fresh cut flowers in their home or office? Flowers just add such a fresh and cheery element to a space. I’ve always gone through my perennial flower gardens and clipped flowers for indoor bouquets, but the past few years I’ve been growing annual flowers just for just for cutting. Create Your Own Backyard Cutting Garden will inspire you and provide instruction for planning and planting your own cut flower garden. Plus, there are some ready made plans for different shapes and sizes of cut flower gardens.

Flower Farms are kind of a thing right now, but this guide is not about growing  your own flower farm, it geared towards the average home gardener that wants to have beautiful cut flowers available in your own backyard. Although if you would someday love to have a small flower farm, this guide can definitely get you started on making your dream a reality. The beauty of the plans in this guide is that you can customize them to your own situation. Another great thing about this guide is you can start small and add on each year. I initially started my cut flower garden in a small 4×4 raised bed and expanded from there. 

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Who Is This Guide/Workbook For

No matter what gardening zone you are in, this Cutting Garden Guide and Workbook will work for you.

Here at Gingham Gardens, we’re all about inspiring novice gardeners, master gardeners and all those in between. So whether you’re a brand new gardener; someone like me that’s been gardening for many, many years; you have a few good years of experience; or if you’ve never grown a designated garden for cutting flowers, this is the guide for you.

What Does Create Your Own Backyard Cutting Garden Include

Create Your Own Backyard Cutting Garden is in printable PDF format. I highly recommend to get the most from the guide and workbook that you print it out, especially the worksheets at the end. Add it to you garden journal, so you can refer back to it year after year.

  • How to Plan Your Cutting Garden
  • 4 Ready-Made Cut Flower Garden Plans in Various Shapes (square, oval, kidney shape and rectangle)
  • Blank Templates so you can do your own design
  • Recommended supplies
  • How to Design a Cut Flower Garden
  • How to Select Flowers for Your Cutting Garden
  • How to Plant Your Cutting Garden
  • How to Maintain Your Cut Flower Garden
  • Tips for Gathering Flowers from Your Cutting Garden
  • Tips for Keeping Your Cut Flower Bouquets and Arrangements Looking Great
  • List of the Best Annuals for a Cutting Garden
  • List of the Best Perennials for a Cutting Garden
  • List of Other Plants to Include in Cut Flower Bouquets
  • Gorgeous Pictures
  • Various other lists to help keep you organized and on track

The Create Your Own Backyard Cut Flower Garden Guide & Workbook is available for the low introductory price of $10.00. Simply click the button below and follow the instructions. (Be sure to check the box to receive free updates to the Guide.)


Are you ready to create your own flower garden paradise? 

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