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Garden Tour – A Stroll Through Gingham Gardens

Come along and take a stroll through Gingham Gardens.  Grab a cup of joe or a glass of iced tea and get comfy for this virtual garden tour.

I usually start to slow down a bit in the gardens towards the end of July and August, at least with planting and rearranging, and I move into more of a maintenance mode. I love to come home, throw on some grubby, garden clothes, and head out to do what I refer to as puttering – pulling weeds, dead heading, giving haircuts, taking some pictures and all the time praising God for his beauty in creation. After a day of sitting in a stuffy office, it’s exactly the pick-me-up this girl needs.

Garden Tour - A Stroll Through Gingham Gardens

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So let’s start this garden tour at the very front corner of our property. We live on the corner of a four lane, very busy street, so I’m working on making this garden a traffic stopper so to speak. At some point in the future, I will show the progress that has been made in this flower garden. It’s no traffic stopper yet, but it’s come a long way and it will be, maybe not for a few years, but it will be. In the meantime, the passersby are enjoying this little vignette featuring this cute windmill.

Garden Vignette featuring windmill

Here’s a wider shot, showing a bit more of the garden. I keep hoping that if I put out bunny figurines the real bunnies won’t come around. So far that theory has proven pointless. Check out this same vignette a little later in the summer to see how much this old whiskey barrel planter fills out. It’s gorgeous and worth the time to check it out.

Garden Vignette at Gingham Gardens

Next up is shot from the foundation garden.

Garden Vignette at Gingham Gardens featuring hanging lantern

I love this window box my hubby made. He also made shutters for the front of the house. That’s also coming up in a future post. The plants have filled in quite nicely. Since it sits under the overhang of the roof, I do have to be vigilant in watering it.

Window Box at Gingham Gardens

Here’s another area along our driveway that underwent a complete makeover. I will definitely be sharing that soon.

Garden at Gingham Gardens

This is a different view from the same bed.

Garden Vignette at Gingham Gardens

Next up in a garden between our front and side doors are these amazing oriental lilies. I picked up a big bag of oriental lily bulbs at Costco in the spring and potted them up and put them in my greenhouse. When I finally got around to planting them, they just weren’t all that impressive, but I plunked them in the ground anyway. Yes, that is really the size of that white lily, no enlargement on my part.

Oriental Lilies at Gingham Gardens

Here’s another shot of that same garden a week earlier. I like my gardens a little more organized that this and some rearranging will certainly take place, but I decided to share anyway. I wish you could smell through cyberspace. With the phlox and lilies blooming at the same time, the smell is heavenly.

Oriental Lilies at Gingham Gardens

Now, onto the backyard garden. Check out my post here on the makeover of this tiered garden. It underwent an amazing transformation.

Gardens at Gingham Gardens

If you stroll down the top tier a bit, this is what you’ll see. This garden is all new this year and I’m pretty pleased with how the plants are filling in. The black-eyed Susan are just getting started here in my Zone 4b garden. I’m hoping I don’t regret planting the bee balm, but this year it’s very tidy. The hollyhock was supposed to grow much taller, but I’m hoping I can get a good patch of it growing along the fence.

Perennial Garden Vignette at Gingham Gardens

That wraps up our virtual garden tour, or a stroll through Gingham Gardens. I hope you enjoyed it and if so, I’d love a comment. Thanks for stopping by and come again soon. If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to receive my latest posts via email.

Happy Gardening,


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